Brian Wong

Freelancer from Hong Kong

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About Me

I’m a well educated & trained Senior Full-stack developer who has about 10 years of extensive experience in developing high quality websites, apps.
I’m more than just a ‘programmer’, I have extensive experience as lead developer/team lead, shepherding projects from initial sketches through design, development, testing and release. I'm also a dedicated, organized, reliable, methodical individual and am keen and very willing to learn & develop new skills. Some businesses I've worked with in the past include Zenkraft, Mathpix,,, LembergLaw, and more.
As well as being strong technically I am a good communicator and diligent worker.

List of Skills

  • Javascript (ES6,7), React/Redux, Angular1.x/2~7, Elm, Vue.js, Node(Express.js/Loopback), MERN, MEAN
  • Python(Django, Flask, Gunicorn)
  • Mobile development using React Native, Ionic, Object-C, Swift, Java
  • Wordpress, Laravel, Magento, Shopify, ...
  • Git Flow, Amazon Web Services, Heroku, DigitalOcean, Firebase and many more

Contact or Hire

I'm open to any offers. If you have any interest of working with me, please contact me over Guru, Golance Or you can drop a message. I will be more than happy to serve you.